The Kehoe Group


When we started in this business, we did risk assessments to determine what your risk was; today we perform assessments to determine how much risk an entity can take before it becomes an actual problem.


The Kehoe Group is committed to the highest level of integrity and developing a culture of trust in working with our clients’ technical and industrial needs. Our priorities are to ensure a safe and secure

environment for our clients’ people, property, information and assets.


We will help you establish:

• A safe and secure work environment.


• Secure company facilities.


• Security related policies.


• Adequate and proactive Information Technology designed with your intellectual property in mind.


• An informed and educated “safety and security minded” staff.


We look at our clients as partners for long term growth. Part of our responsibility in this relationship is ensuring proper Emergency Response procedures are in place. We work directly with Local, State and Federal

Agencies to ensure the highest safety standards are met. We will work together with your internal teams to provide realistic and cost effective safety and security solutions.

• Protection and surveillance of your locations and facilities

• Establish and maintain Emergency Response, Crisis Management and “Command & Control” plans

• Liaise with Local, State and Federal Agencies for not only assistance, but for timely information relating to security matters

• Site surveys

• Security audits

• Employee screening

• Secure transportation and escorts


The Kehoe Group’s specialists work closely with our partners and clients to develop and implement commercial asset and risk management. During the assessment stage we essentially become a part of your

team – working side by side with management to determine short and long term risk exposure.


Our services are designed to help senior managers improve the management of risk by:

• Identifying key risk issues

• Assessing the potential impact a risk will have

• Monitor and reassess

• Coordinate countermeasures and potential risk exposure


Providing a safe place to work or live does not happen without proper care and attention to detail. K&M | The Kehoe Group is proud to provide safe environments for employees, visitors, families and congregations both domestically and internationally. Our close protection does not stop at the end of business hours for employees and their families.