The Kehoe Group


The Kehoe Group understands the need for security first and foremost. All of our personnel both unarmed 
and armed are well trained, certified and licensed by the appropriate State entities.

We are proud to service a variety of industries such as:

• Schools

• Commercial Real Estate

• Banks

• Government Services

• Healthcare Facilities

• Manufacturing & Industrial

• Residential Communities

• Shopping Centers and Retailers

• Religious Institutions

• Entertainment Centers

At certain retail locations where loss prevention is already implemented, our officers will be on hand to enhance 
deterrence as well as assist with containing any situation that may arise.

All of our Officers are trained in a variety of subjects including:

• Electronics monitoring

• Traffic control

• First Aid

• Fire prevention and control

• Patrolling

• Access Control

• Crisis Intervention

Our Security Solutions are by no means limited to a mere security presence. Our Security Specialists work with your 
management teams to provide you with the most comprehensive Security Audits and Assessments available. We 
can integrate our Electronic Security measures with your existing programs or implement an all new solution 
depending on your needs.