The Kehoe Group


Increased potential for acts of violence both inside and out of the work environment are becoming the rule and not 
the exception. Whether implementing a security solution for the workplace or home or when visiting dangerous or 
unstable environments, The Kehoe Group offers customizable and scalable solutions to meet our client’s 
Close Protection and Bodyguard needs.



Our collective experience has shown the best Close Protection and Security can be implemented through 
comprehensive advanced preparations and planning, timely intelligence and information, communicating with local 
authorities, and the use of properly trained personnel.


We are proponents of a security advance agent because they are invaluable. Our advance agents are articulate, 
well organized and capable of addressing all aspects of the social, business and personal needs for the client and 
his or her family. They are skilled in maximizing available assets, dealing with government and civil officials, as well 
as business, travel, and hotel officials.


Our protection teams are discreet and low profile. We recognize both corporate and private environments mandate 
an unobtrusive security presence. Our agents have common sense, are well-versed in etiquette and political 
change, and are cognizant of the enormous amount of faith, trust and confidence placed in them as an executive 
protection agent.

Our personnel are fully briefed and familiar with the environments they serve. We can also arrange linguistic 
services as needed.

Our Executive Protection & Close Protection Programs include (but are not limited to):

• Vehicle protection

• Domestic and overseas protection

• Specialized family protection teams

• Electronic security measures/ devices

• Dedicated on-site security teams

• Counter and protective surveillance teams

• Security advance teams

• Emergency response teams

• Asset Protection (and transportation)

• Hostile Terminations

• Plant Closings

• Protective Vacation Escorts

• Special Event Security

• Anti-Kidnapping Procedures

• Stalker Protection