The Kehoe Group


The goal of any security program is the protection of assets. Realistically it is nearly impossible to achieve a level of 
security that is 100% effective. However, with proper planning and proactive solutions, K&M | The Kehoe Group 
implements a scalable and realistic program designed to reduce every possible breach of security.

We introduce your customized facility security solution in stages:

• We examine the types of controls in place and their effectiveness currently in operation.

• We examine perimeter protection including natural terrain, man-made barriers as well as parking area and 
general access to your facility.

• We identify levels of authorization and access to specific areas of importance. This includes server access, 
information assets, product development areas or R&D.

• We then implement our external planning in relation to any solutions already in place.

• K&M | The Kehoe Group specializes in solutions for:

• Maritime

• Pharmaceutical

• Oil, Energy and Gas

• Anti – Piracy

• HAZMAT and Emergency Response