The Kehoe Group


Bodyguard, Executive Protection & Close Protection – What Is The Difference?


We are often asked to differentiate between these terms and services. Depending on who you ask, you may get 
several different answers. At The Kehoe Group, we define these terms as follows:

A bodyguard is an individual who professionally protects someone from threats. Lately, the term “Close Protection 
Officer” has been gaining popularity in defining the duties traditionally referred to as “Bodyguarding”. We do not 
feel this is inaccurate but we have expanded on these concepts. We approach Close Protection as an overall 
strategy; this could apply to a more extensive security program for a client’s home and business as well as a 
person themselves. When we refer to a Bodyguard, we are describing the title of the professional who provides 
this service.



In this era of danger from terrorism, corporate espionage, and lack of honorable business and personal conduct, it makes sence to want the best when it comes to your business and personal security. Rest assured you will find none better than The Kehoe Group and our associates.