The Kehoe Group

Important Information


Q: Do you teach the NRA pistol course?

A: NRA and state-certifide pistol courses are available.


Q: Do you have to carry a weapon to be a Private investigator?

A: You do not have to carry a weapon to be a PI in Georgia. 




Q: I was once arrested can I still be a security guard?

A: To be a security officer in the state of Georgia you can not have more than three misdemeanors in a five year period and no felonies. 


Q: Can you do automobile lockouts?

A: While our locksmith can do emergency automobile lockouts, at this time our locksmith only does commercial and residential locks due to always traveling. You are welcome to call us to see if he is in your area.


Q: I won a judgment can you collect the assets for me?

A: Yes, our asset recovery division will be happy to help. Contact us for details on what is required for us to do the collection.


Q: I own a night club, can you supply bouncers?

A: In Georgia they are called Security Personnel. Contact us so we can discuss all of your security concerns.