The Kehoe Group

Computer & Cyber Security Division 

Here at The Kehoe Group Computer & Cyber Security Division (CCSD), we fully understand the threats facing today’s information security systems and regularly study current and emerging security threats that may affect our customers.  We will use expertise to partner with your company to develop security solutions that are truly desired.  Our goal is to provide top-notch computer security and cyber security services that meet the true needs of our clients, thereby providing reliable solutions that address your company’s information security concerns. Here are some of the areas that our expertise can significantly augment your company’s overall information security stance.


Policy & Procedure Evaluation and Development – Individuals from our CCSD will review and evaluate your current documentation, recommend cost effective modifications to improve your documented security stance (if needed), and even develop policies and procedures from scratch that will meet your current security needs.


Security Awareness Training – Experienced CCSD security awareness trainers will provide targeted training that is designed for basic users, supervisors, or executive level associates. We also have a condensed security awareness program that covers very basic security measures that all associates should employ at work and at home.

Physical Security Site Evaluations – Since we started as a specialized physical security company, CCSD personnel are abundantly experienced with physical door access control systems and video surveillance implementations.  We can provide expert advice for optimized camera coverage and the appropriate grouping of door access permissions that ensure controlled access to your company’s important assets.


Vulnerability & Penetration Testing – All information security professionals will agree on the value of vulnerability and penetration testing for all websites, external facing systems, and internal systems.  

CCSD personnel can conduct vulnerability and penetration tests that are specifically designed to identify existing security opportunities residing on the important assets belonging to your company.  We will also provide guidance on correcting the opportunities identified to help secure your online environment.  


IT Infrastructure Reviews – Our CCSD team will apply our hands-on-experience in evaluating your company IT infrastructure. We will provide recommendations that meet regulatory and industry standards for network configuration, segmentation, and acceptable protocol usage.  


Computer Forensics – If you have a suspected virus, or unauthorized intrusion, then our CCSD computer forensic team is available to help. We have experience in tracking down camouflaged malware, evaluating network intrusions, and recovering lost data. Using our CCSD computer forensic team will allow you to focus on your work, while we focus on restoring your systems to an operational status.


Risk Assessment Evaluations – Risk assessments are the key to evaluating and implementing cost effective security measures that will positively impact the security posture of your company.  CCSD understands that starting a risk assessment program can be a daunting task.  Our CCSD personnel have significant experience with the risk assessment process; so, we can help remove some of the stress by evaluating your current security environment, explaining where security opportunities lie, and recommending solutions that are equated to the real monetary risk being assumed by your company.