The Kehoe Group

All good questions when thinking or talking of TKG 

 The company was started by Mr. Kehoe, Retired Military, Intelligence Specialist.  Trained in Special Operations Intelligence, Counter-Terrorism, operational Security and Physical Security.  It has been almost 20 years that Mr. Kehoe started TKG in the Atlanta, Georgia Area, with the primary focus being Safety & Security of Persons and Property.


 We perform this by doing Protection of persons & property, with capabilities in Physical Security (Armed, Unarmed and Protection Specialist), Counter Surveillance (Physical & Electronic) and Cyber/Computer Security assists.   We deploy and work with Persons and Electronics to give our Clients the best protection and coverage possible.  Personnel are continually training in current methods in Physical Security, Personal Protection, Private Investigations and use of Electronical equipment. This gives all of our personnel, a solid background.  In TKG all personnel work and train together, giving our Clients rounded operations.


 It is with no exaggeration that when we say, we are not just a Security Guard or Private Investigations Company, but one of the best trained and prepared Originations in the Private Sector for Security needs.



Given by Joseph P. Kehoe

Founder and Owner of The Kehoe Group

Member of ATAB & GAPPI